PCLinuxOS Magazine December 2014

PCLOS95PCLinuxOS Magazine, December 2014 (Issue 95) is available to download. You can find it at the PCLinuxOS Magazine website.

In this issue:

  • Welcome to PCLOS-Cloud
  • PCLOS-Talk: Our Own Instant Messaging Service
  • Game Zone: Cracking Sands Racing
  • Inkscape Tutorial: A Taped Note
  • 2014 Holiday Gift Guides
  • ms_meme’s Nook: La PCLOS
  • Rupert Murdock: Want to Compete With Netflix? Ditch DRM!
  • Inkscape Tutorial: Design Your Own Paper
  • Testimonial: Grade Card For PCLinuxOS
  • PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight: izto
  • And much more inside!

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