PCLinuxOS Magazine November 2016

pclos nov2016PCLinuxOS Magazine, November 2016 (Issue 118) is available to download. You can find it at the PCLinuxOS Magazine website.

In this issue:

  • Google Drive on Linux: Little More Than Homebrew Solutions
  • Game Zone: ZeGame
  • ms_meme’s Nook: Thanks To The Guys And Gals Of PCLOS
  • PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner
  • PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight: dougmack
  • LibreOffice: Calc Shortcuts
  • GIMP Tutorial: Create Abstract Glass Art
  • Tip Top Tips: Send Email From The Command Line With Sendmail Using A Gmail Account
  • Testimonial: From Distro To Distro To PCLinuxOS … Or How I Quit Hopping
  • PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions
  • And much more inside!

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