util-linux 2.32.1

Util-linux is a suite of essential utilities for any Linux system. Its primary audience is system integrators and DIY Linux hackers. Util-linux is attempting to be portable, but the only platform it has been tested much on is Linux i386. It contains the following programs: agetty arch blockdev cal cfdisk chfn chkdupexe chsh clear col colcrt colrm column ctrlaltdel cytune ddate dmesg elvtune fastboot fasthalt fdformat fdisk fsck.cramfs fsck.minix getopt halt hexdump hwclock initctl ipcrm ipcs isosize kill last line logger login look mcookie mesg mkfs mkfs.bfs mkfs.cramfs mkfs.minix mkswap more mount namei need passwd pg pivot_root ramsize raw rdev readprofile reboot rename renice rescuept reset rev rootflags script setfdprm setsid setterm sfdisk shutdown simpleinit sln swapoff swapon tunelp ul umount vidmode vipw wall whereis write.

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